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A page dedicated to the Roland XP-80 "Music Workstation."

Missing the demo disks that came with the XP-80? Get them here.
Get the XP-50 DANCE disk data.
Get the XP-80 DEMO disk data.

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A few patches which I created for my XP-80. Of course, they'll work on any Super JV-compatable synth (XP-30, XP-50, XP-60, JV-1010, JV-1080, and JV-2080 and all the XV synths). All are free for anyone to use (just include me in your synth programming credits if you publish your music).

This section includes links to MP3s of all the XP-80 demo songs, XP-50 Dance Kit demo songs, and the expansion board demos found on Roland's 3rd expansion board demo CD.


MIDI files specifically sequenced for my XP-80. Well, for any JV/XP synth really. Don't try playing these on a GM tone generator, they won't sound right, and the System Exclusive messages at the beginning of all these MIDI files are for Super JV synths. Feedback is always appreciated.


Specifications of my XP-80. If you're looking for a music workstation or gigging synth, or studio synth for that matter, check out the specs on the XP-80 and compare it to other 'boards in the same price range. Of course, most of the XPs (from the XP-50 to the XP-80) have been discontinued by Roland, but their replacement (the Fantom) lacks many of the features that make the XPs a very good value.

The Specs section also contains tips and additional information on the XP that can be difficult to find elsewhere, including an online copy of the XP-80 (and XP-60) Owner's Manual.


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Links to other Internet resources on the XP-80 and compatible synths. Lots of information is out there, surely more than I have listed here, but maybe this will help any newbie to the XP-80 and other Super JV synths get started.

Last updated April 5, 2012.

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